Exposed To Nature

Hey Humans!

Since I was a baby my parents have already exposed me to the nature. They both met in a group of ‘nature lovers’, where they would go hiking, camping, and other fun stuff. So I naturally grew within the nature. I’m very lucky because I got to go on wild trips. I’ve been on a road trip across Queensland – Victoria (Australia) and also Java – Bali (Indonesia), a few times we would stay at a camp site or a caravan park. I recently got my diving license too, the underwater is amazing!

Where ever I go, the nature never disappoints me. The view, the smell, the noise, the feel, the taste, all the senses I could think of always makes me feel happy and calm. Sometimes I get the chills, or I could have been cold… But when I see the highest peek of the nature I always get this rush feeling, my heart beats fast and my eyes pop out. I could go on and on about my feeling for nature, but the point is I just love the nature. It’s a privilege for me to get to see a lot of them, especially from where I live, Indonesia.

I am a very proud Indonesian, we have one of the richest natures in the world. We have many beautiful islands like Bali, Pulau Seribu, Pulau Komodo (click for the images), one of the greatest mountains and diving spots. I’ve seen a few of the beauty Indonesia has to offer, and the chills got to me. I realized that I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Indonesia has a diverse nature, from plants to animals whether it is underwater or on land.

I’ve grown to love the nature, and I will always seek to find more. I’d love to travel more of Indonesia, but I would also love to travel what the whole world has to offer. I can’t wait to get more chills in my life, the nature is ready to surprise us all.

This is a challenge post of ‘Nature Chills Challenge‘. Coincidence for this challenge post, I have a video on youtube about my trip into the nature of Indonesia that brought me to chills in real life.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

The Advice I Never Got

Hey Humans!

Everyone has gone through at least one bumpy road throughout their lives. Some people are fortunate enough to get support from their friends and family, but some are unfortunate and are being mocked around and let alone. Throughout my life you could say I was neither of them. I grew up quite and observing the small details. My biggest bumpy road was being silent in the bumpiest roads of my life. I don’t know if that makes sense, but the point is I never talk to anyone about my problems.

Back in Elementary and Junior High, I used to be taken down by some mean kids. It was mostly words and backstabbing stuff, but it kept me mostly silent. I was just trying to do what every kid does, trying to find friends and fit in since I moved back from overseas. But obviously for me it didn’t work out well. I lived, and luckily I still had the power to stay positive. But the positiveness did not help me heal the feelings that I bottled up.

If I could’ve seen a fairy godmother through my bumpy roads, I wish I was told to believe and open up. Telling someone helps heal the feelings. Even though the core of the problem is gone, the effect on you is the real problem. Why was I neither the fortunate or the unfortunate? Because I was silent, no one could help me because I said nothing. I wish I was also told that everything will get better. Things did get better for me, but it didn’t happen in a blink of an eye. I ditched those who treated me crap, and I realized to stay close with the ones who truly care.

I know that what I went through might not be important to other people, but what I learnt was very valuable to me. I learnt that everyone in this world goes through a bumpy road, but we can’t measure whose road is bumpier. It’s all different, all emotionally stressful, and all a life lesson to learn. Everyone does things for a reason.. The reason why mean kids are mean, the reason why I was silent, the reason why we all become who we are now. It was all because of our own bumpy roads. I know now that we must not be silent because everyone has a voice. There will always be at least one person who will always care to listen to you.

Cya soon,
Syra 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Powerful Suggestion.”

60th Asian African Conference Commemoration 2015

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Hey Humans!

The world has been buzzing about the 60th Asian African Conference Commemoration (AACC) in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. Long story short, the Asian African Conference was first held in 1955 at Bandung, Indonesia. The aim was to “promote Afro-Asian economic and cultural cooperation and to oppose colonialism or neocolonialism by any nation” (Wikipedia). I happen to stop by at the history place itself. It was a huge coincidence that I went to Bandung yesterday, and they were preparing the closing event for Friday (24th April 2015).

I stayed at a Hotel very very near to the Asia-Africa Street. They held a rehearsal for the security in the Asia-Africa Street where the AACC is held. AACC is also held in Jakarta, but the huge closing ceremony will be held on Friday in Bandung. They closed the roads for the rehearsal. A lot of people got caught in traffic for the rehearsal. I myself couldn’t get out of the hotel for this.

The town was full of newly put decorations. It was surprising that when I came to Bandung on Tuesday, people were still painting and building stuff. But the next day, there were new statues, benches, plants and flags. It was done in a night. I mean…. they started all this just a week before the huge event. The news said that the the money for this just came in a week before. I’d have to admit that Indonesia is amazing, but quite slow in preparing. The roads was very crowded with cars and people taking selfies. I got a few goose bumps strolling through the streets, such a historical place happening in front of my eyes.

I am very amazed by how amazing Indonesia is (I know, such great language). Soekarno (Indonesia’s first president) was a great leader. He made all this possible 60 years ago, the early years of Indonesia’s Independence, and Indonesia was still hard on money. The history is still and will always be alive. I’ve shown so many proof of how great and vast Indonesia is through my blogs and vlogs on youtube. I am very proud to be an Indonesian.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

HUT RI – 70 TAHUN (Project Introduction)

Hey Humans!


Dalam rangka hari ulang tahun Republik Indonesia ke-70 tahun, saya punya rencana untuk membuat video. Video apa ya? Videonya akan berisi orang-orang warga negara Indonesia terutama diaspora Indonesia (warga negara Indonesia yang tinggal di luar negri), yang menyanyikan lagu ‘Tanah Airku’. Tidak harus jago bernyanyi, yang penting bisa mengeluarkan suara.

Video ini tidak untuk saya ataupun penonton video, tapi untuk Indonesia. Saya ingin menunjukkan bahwa kami sebagai orang Indonesia kemanapun kami pergi, kami tetap setia kepada Tanah Air. Boleh merekam sendiri, bersama keluarga, atau dengan teman-teman. Untuk membuat video ini tentu saya tidak bisa berkerja sendirian. Dengan kekuatan internet saya ingin minta bantuan anda.

Bagi diaspora, dimanapun kalian tinggal pasti ada suatu tempat / monumen unik disekitar kota kalian. Mau itu di kota kecil atau kota besar tidak ada masalah, yang penting dalam rekaman tersebut kalian rekam menyanyikan lagu ‘Tanah Airku’, dengan ini kami bisa menunjukkan bahwa “dimanapun kita berada, kita tetap jiwa orang Indonesia”. Tetapi, bernyanyi diluar akan menggaggu audio karena suara angin dan suara-suara lingkungan sekitar. Karena saya ingin melibatkan sebanyak-banyaknya suara, saya perlu rekaman suara nyanyian anda yang jelas. Caranya adalah dengan merekam suara menyanyikan lagu Tanah Airku dalam ruangan tertutup (seperti kamar tidur, tanpa adanya suara AC, TV, dll) dengan mengikuti ‘panduan nyanyian’ yang akan saya lampirkan dalam instruksi. Suara anda akan saya satukan dengan latar belakang musik yang sudah saya siapkan. Setiap orang yang terlibat akan saya tampilkan Nama, Kota dan Negara tempat tinggalnya di dalam video.

Bagi yang tidak tinggal di luar negri pun dapat terlibat, bisa merekam di depan salah satu monumen Indonesia dengan cara yang sama seperti yang sudah saya jelaskan sebelumnya.


  1. Download panduan lagu ‘Tanah Airku‘ yang sudah saya rekam. Panduan ini adalah bantuan untuk anda menyanyi lagu dengan nada dan tempo tertentu, agar dapat disatukan suaranya saat pembuatan video. (klik disini untuk download panduan)
  2. Rekam video nyanyi lagu ‘Tanah Airku’ depan tempat unik / monumen tempat tinggal (bagi yang akan mengirim audio dalam ruang tertutup boleh lip sync saat bernyanyi dalam video)
  3. Rekam audio nyanyi lagu ‘Tanah Airku’ dalam ruangan tertutup. Matikan seluruh alat sekitar yang mengganggu rekaman suara (AC, TV, Kipas, dll). Diusahakan audio menyerupai video anda dan panduan yang saya lampirkan, karena akan saya satukan audio dan videonya dengan rekaman orang lain. Saat merekam audio, boleh sambil mendengarkan panduan tetapi WAJIB gunakan headset. Karena saya hanya memerlukan suara anda.
  4. Hasil rekaman dapat dikirim kepada saya dalam website apapun. Video boleh di upload ke youtube, dropbox, atau website apapun yang bisa share video tersebut kepada saya. Audio boleh di upload ke dropbox, bagi yang tidak punya dropbox bisa melalui Facebook message atau e-mail saya.
  5. File yang sudah anda upload WAJIB untuk kirim link rekaman ke e-mail saya. Hasil rekaman anda akan saya download dan satukan dengan rekaman orang lain dan rekaman yang sudah saya siapkan. Selain link, beri data diri berupa Nama, Kota dan Negara tempat tinggal untuk saya tampilkan dalam video.
  6. Batas akhir pengiriman tanggal 31 Juli 2015. Sisa waktu akan saya gunakan untuk menyatukan seluruh video dan audio.

Ajaklah keluarga, teman-teman, dan kerabat kerjamu dengan umur berapapun untuk ikut terlibat! Kapan lagi ada proyek terbuka seperti ini dalam bentuk video untuk Indonesia? Bantu share dan ikut terlibat!

Silahkan hubungi saya bila ada pertanyaan lebih lanjut! Terima Kasih 🙂

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I Made It! Monday

Hey Humans!

So it’s Monday… I know for some of you it’s one of those days where you just want to pull up your blankets when you hear the alarm ring, or it’s an exciting day because you get to see a good friend or your crush. I’m going to take part in a challenge (for the first time!) called ‘I made it! Monday‘. Simple, I will share my story of the week.

To me, this monday is a great monday to start off the week because I’m on holidays! I live in Indonesia, we don’t have a thing called ‘spring break’. So why am I on holidays? I just finished my 2nd Semester of university because I’m in the accelerated program (3 semesters a year, my 1st semester started last year). Just FYI, I’m studying music therapy under the Conservatory of Music. My final exams was last week, and it was one my most hectic weeks!

Last week was frightening. It felt like I just learnt a chapter, then suddenly I’m on a desk working on a 6 chapter final exam. I know I’m exaggerating, but that was how I felt. I play the violin, so every semester my final exams would be playing in front of the string department juries. Last week I had to play in front of 5 juries, 6 songs memorized in 3 months, and I had 3 pianists to help accompany the pieces. One of my pianist was only informed 2 weeks before the exam, and he had to play 3 songs! I had to find another pianist, because my other pianists has already gotten the longest songs, whereas these 3 songs are just short pieces. But never underestimate short pieces, because the piano part was really tricky. 1 week before the exam my new pianist had to go home out of town for 5 days, which left me nervous! The last time we played we still had major mistakes, and the next time we could practice again was the day before the final exam! Just great. But we managed to get them done just the day before the exam.

In the exam room, it was a ‘now or never’ moment. It was the only moment where I could prove them I had progress. I remember on my 1st semester final exam, I screwed up big time! I stopped in the middle of a piece. So this time I was very nervous when I walked in the room. The room was dark with only a spotlight on the violinist. I did a few minor mistakes, but I just kept going. I told my self to relax, drop shoulder, and breath. There was a moment where I closed my eyes and imagined myself playing in a forest on autumn (because the song is called ‘Autumnal Forest’). Everything went well, even the 3 songs with my new pianist.

I managed to complete my week in a whole piece. I did not regret a day of last week. The highlight of my week was a few moments after I got out of my violin final exams, I saw my violin lecturer (which was one of the juries). I was nervous to see her but she was smiling with her signature smile and she opened her arms and gave me a hug. I did not expect that at all, so I gave her an awkward ‘not ready’ hug and she said “you had progressed”. I just smiled back and said “thank you”, then she had to go to the toilet. I was so happy, and yes I have felt so much progress. Every hard work of mine was worth it. At that moment I realized that and took a moment to be proud of myself.

My lesson of the week? Just work your butt off, no matter how tiring it is. I knew I could have done more, but I did what I could. It took me a few sacrifices to get there, but in the end you will know that was all worth it.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂


Hey Humans!

I’ve been youtubing for quite sometime.. I love making videos. I do random talks, vlogs, and Travlogs! Travlog is what I call a Travel Video Blog. I live in Indonesia so I Travlog my country. Indonesia is very beautiful! For those who live in Indonesia you guys should be thankful, and for those who don’t, come visit sometime! You’ll see how fun it is through my travlogs.

Other than Travlogs it’s fun to make home made music videos, and just random stuff to talk about. I’m into editing videos, so youtube is a great platform for me to share my stories. So what’s my youtube? I think you’ve guessed it already… Yep, it’s RandomSyra. Come over to to view the fun! I have a lot of videos up my sleeve, so make sure to subscribe so you know when I upload new videos.

Cya at youtube,

Syra 🙂



Hey humans!

That’s what I say in most of my intros. How you all doing? I’d like to introduce myself…. The name’s Syra. I’m a very random person, so don’t hope for a particular thing here, because I’m random. That’s why call me Random Syra.

My randomness and my crazy mind, might bring you happiness……. or not. I’m here to share you the beauty of life, from the better or worse. It’s yours to choose, it’s your perspective, figure it out. Everyone’s going to have their own thoughts, not all the same, and I call that random.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂