I Made It! Monday

Hey Humans!

So it’s Monday… I know for some of you it’s one of those days where you just want to pull up your blankets when you hear the alarm ring, or it’s an exciting day because you get to see a good friend or your crush. I’m going to take part in a challenge (for the first time!) called ‘I made it! Monday‘. Simple, I will share my story of the week.

To me, this monday is a great monday to start off the week because I’m on holidays! I live in Indonesia, we don’t have a thing called ‘spring break’. So why am I on holidays? I just finished my 2nd Semester of university because I’m in the accelerated program (3 semesters a year, my 1st semester started last year). Just FYI, I’m studying music therapy under the Conservatory of Music. My final exams was last week, and it was one my most hectic weeks!

Last week was frightening. It felt like I just learnt a chapter, then suddenly I’m on a desk working on a 6 chapter final exam. I know I’m exaggerating, but that was how I felt. I play the violin, so every semester my final exams would be playing in front of the string department juries. Last week I had to play in front of 5 juries, 6 songs memorized in 3 months, and I had 3 pianists to help accompany the pieces. One of my pianist was only informed 2 weeks before the exam, and he had to play 3 songs! I had to find another pianist, because my other pianists has already gotten the longest songs, whereas these 3 songs are just short pieces. But never underestimate short pieces, because the piano part was really tricky. 1 week before the exam my new pianist had to go home out of town for 5 days, which left me nervous! The last time we played we still had major mistakes, and the next time we could practice again was the day before the final exam! Just great. But we managed to get them done just the day before the exam.

In the exam room, it was a ‘now or never’ moment. It was the only moment where I could prove them I had progress. I remember on my 1st semester final exam, I screwed up big time! I stopped in the middle of a piece. So this time I was very nervous when I walked in the room. The room was dark with only a spotlight on the violinist. I did a few minor mistakes, but I just kept going. I told my self to relax, drop shoulder, and breath. There was a moment where I closed my eyes and imagined myself playing in a forest on autumn (because the song is called ‘Autumnal Forest’). Everything went well, even the 3 songs with my new pianist.

I managed to complete my week in a whole piece. I did not regret a day of last week. The highlight of my week was a few moments after I got out of my violin final exams, I saw my violin lecturer (which was one of the juries). I was nervous to see her but she was smiling with her signature smile and she opened her arms and gave me a hug. I did not expect that at all, so I gave her an awkward ‘not ready’ hug and she said “you had progressed”. I just smiled back and said “thank you”, then she had to go to the toilet. I was so happy, and yes I have felt so much progress. Every hard work of mine was worth it. At that moment I realized that and took a moment to be proud of myself.

My lesson of the week? Just work your butt off, no matter how tiring it is. I knew I could have done more, but I did what I could. It took me a few sacrifices to get there, but in the end you will know that was all worth it.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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