The Advice I Never Got

Hey Humans!

Everyone has gone through at least one bumpy road throughout their lives. Some people are fortunate enough to get support from their friends and family, but some are unfortunate and are being mocked around and let alone. Throughout my life you could say I was neither of them. I grew up quite and observing the small details. My biggest bumpy road was being silent in the bumpiest roads of my life. I don’t know if that makes sense, but the point is IΒ neverΒ talk to anyone about my problems.

Back in Elementary and Junior High, I used to be taken down by some mean kids. It was mostly words and backstabbing stuff, but it kept me mostly silent. I was just trying to do what every kid does, trying to find friends and fit in since I moved back from overseas. But obviously for me it didn’t work out well. I lived, and luckily I still had the power to stay positive. But the positiveness did not help me heal the feelings that I bottled up.

If I could’ve seen a fairy godmother through my bumpy roads, I wish I was told to believe and open up. Telling someone helps heal the feelings. Even though the core of the problem is gone, the effect on you is the real problem. Why was I neither the fortunate or the unfortunate? Because I was silent, no one could help me because I said nothing. I wish I was also told that everything will get better. Things did get better for me, but it didn’t happen in a blink of an eye. I ditched those who treated me crap, and I realized to stay close with the ones who truly care.

I know that what I went through might not be important to other people, but what I learnt was very valuable to me. I learnt that everyone in this world goes through a bumpy road, but we can’t measure whose road is bumpier. It’s all different, all emotionally stressful, and all a life lesson to learn. Everyone does things for a reason.. The reason why mean kids are mean, the reason why I was silent, the reason why we all become who we are now. It was all because of our own bumpy roads. I know now that we must not be silent because everyone has a voice. There will always be at least one person who will always care to listen to you.

Cya soon,
Syra πŸ™‚

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Powerful Suggestion.”

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