Exposed To Nature

Hey Humans!

Since I was a baby my parents have already exposed me to the nature. They both met in a group of ‘nature lovers’, where they would go hiking, camping, and other fun stuff. So I naturally grew within the nature. I’m very lucky because I got to go on wild trips. I’ve been on a road trip across Queensland – Victoria (Australia) and also Java – Bali (Indonesia), a few times we would stay at a camp site or a caravan park. I recently got my diving license too, the underwater is amazing!

Where ever I go, the nature never disappoints me. The view, the smell, the noise, the feel, the taste, all the senses I could think of always makes me feel happy and calm. Sometimes I get the chills, or I could have been cold… But when I see the highest peek of the nature I always get this rush feeling, my heart beats fast and my eyes pop out. I could go on and on about my feeling for nature, but the point is I just love the nature. It’s a privilege for me to get to see a lot of them, especially from where I live, Indonesia.

I am a very proud Indonesian, we have one of the richest natures in the world. We have many beautiful islands like Bali, Pulau Seribu, Pulau Komodo (click for the images), one of the greatest mountains and diving spots. I’ve seen a few of the beauty Indonesia has to offer, and the chills got to me. I realized that I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Indonesia has a diverse nature, from plants to animals whether it is underwater or on land.

I’ve grown to love the nature, and I will always seek to find more. I’d love to travel more of Indonesia, but I would also love to travel what the whole world has to offer. I can’t wait to get more chills in my life, the nature is ready to surprise us all.

This is a challenge post of ‘Nature Chills Challenge‘. Coincidence for this challenge post, I have a video on youtube about my trip into the nature of Indonesia that brought me to chills in real life.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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