Lost In My Passion

Hey Humans!

I may be a student studying music therapy, but I have a passion out of music that I love so much. I love anything related with editing on computers. Whether it is image, audio, or video editing, I just love it. But what can I edit if I take nothing to edit? Obviously it also means that I love taking pictures, recording audio and videos. Out of all of them, I love recording and editing videos the most. I may not be that good yet, but when I start to edit it makes me happy.

I don’t exactly know what made me start to like editing. But I remember one day, my brother was on the computer and he had a new program called ‘Adobe Premiere’. I didn’t know what it was, and he told me it was a video editing program. I opened it and I just lingered around. No one taught me anything, even my brother. I remember my very first proud edit was using a Paramore music video and changing the audio into an Ashley Tisdale song. I think that was in the year 2007.

Ever since then, I started to record and edit more videos. In school projects I’m usually the one in the group who does the recordings and editing. One of my biggest project in school was to make a whole 45 minute drama dubbing with sound effects. The actors will be lip syncing throughout the drama. The audio was blasted in a field at school and I was the one and only audio manager.

Back to video editing… In 2010 I decided to put up my very first youtube video singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’. I played the guitar and violin. I started to be serious on my youtube videos and made a new channel called ‘Random Syra’. And that is my blog name. I will continue to make videos even if no one watches them (but of course I would love it if people watch them!). I just got a new video up, and you can check out my other videos in my channel. Don’t forget to leave your tracks by liking, subscribing, and commenting!

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Zone.”

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