Rotating Around Us

Hey Humans!

The earth rotates every second of the day, the reason is for everything to move on and live. But the earth can’t rotate on it’s own and can’t rotate for nothing. That’s why there is this whole solar system and us living beings. Us humans can’t be humans without earth itself and all the other living beings. Everything and everyone in this whole entire universe can’t be where they areĀ alone, that’s why we all need each other. There’s always going to be someone who plants the rice, and someone who buys it; without any one of them both would die. Every human beings are created the same only with a few different amount of drops of the same recipe. We can’t live alone and that is why we socialize.

If I were a person who got the chance to make my own cause for a change, I would definitely want to help peopleĀ in ‘care’ and ‘special needs’. People think they are different and think they can’t do what ‘normal’ people can do. I mean, what is ‘normal’ really? Normal is just used as a term for people of the ‘same’ culture andĀ sorts. Everyone in this world is placed for a reason. These special people can do what any other humans can do, but some people don’t open their minds and they never even gave them a chance to try. That is really how people feel ashamed of their lives.

With this kind of situation I really want to give people awareness andĀ  sympathy. We are all the same, everyone can do something only if you give them a chance.Ā Some people become ashamed and blameĀ themselves for not being ‘normal’, and that should never happen. It would be nice if they could join a group of people going through the same thing, like a music therapy group. Make them feel like they fit in through music.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger With aĀ Cause.”

Cya soon,

Syra šŸ™‚