Hey Humans!

It’s been a crazy hectic week for the past weeks for me… Had to finish doing my priorities first then I can continue on my blogs, vlogs, etc. A few weeks ago was a busy violin exam, recital, and then the final exams! It doesn’t read out loud “HECTIC!” but it sure as hell was very hectic to me!

I’d go home late at night, and then have not much time left, go to sleep, wake up early in the morning, campus, assignments, practice, arranging recital, well I can go on and on. I know I know, I’m exaggerating (as always) but I was so tired. My body was aching, I hadn’t have enough time to take care of my body (not as in like not showering and sorts, but exercising!). I thought I’ve been through very aching body before, but since I’ve gotten used to the pain (not to mention I have a 40 degree scoliosis), these past couple of weeks was the weakest of my body I could remember.

Now that all of this hecticness (I don’t think that’s a word) is over, I can finally breath. I love it when I have time to do what I love in my free time, most likely blogging, and video editing, I just love it! Now I have more time, it’s time to hit the mouse and ready to go! (what?)

A photo on the recital (excuse the face)

See ya soon,

Syra 🙂

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