Lazy Yummy Breaky

Good Morning Humans!

Time to prepare your breakfast. Oh I know I know… It’s so early, you had a long day yesterday and you need more sleep. But trust me, you will never get enough sleep! Better get your butt off your bed, wash your face, and have a refreshing breakfast. But what? Breakfasts are a waste of time??? True. But remember this, not having breakfast is also a waste of your whole day!Β Which one do you prefer?

I can totally connect to those who wakes up every morning, get ready for school of university, and you have to live on your own. You’re just lazy for breakfast, but hey! I’m here to help you, and also myself. Here’s a very easy breakfast Β you can make.

JpegPrepare fruits, just anything really. Apples, strawberries, banana, orange, you name it! Cut them out.. My trick is I cut mine the night before and I store them in a tight lock container and put it in the fridge. You’ll have nice cold cut fruits in the morning. I know some may say ‘the nutrients’ thin out when cut and stored, but I believe storing it in a tight lock container straight away in the fridge for a night wouldn’t lose that much nutrients. You can even add in vegetables! There’s nothing wrong with that. I put in some extra cherry tomatoes, yummy!

Pour yogurt in your bowl! Any yogurt is possible. I used the liquid drinking type, simply because I had no other yogurts. Adding greek yogurt would be amazing! I would definitely go for plain yogurts, nothing is better than that.

This next step is totally however you want it. But I put in a bit of cereal. You can add oat meal, almonds, anything you want! Boost your energy with extra carbohydrates and proteins, nothing can go wring with that. And for extra kick of taste, I sprinkled honey around. And voila! Lazy Yummy Breaky.

Cya soon,

Syra πŸ™‚

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