Who To Trust?

Hey Humans!

Who can we trust when we’re miles away from home?

Except if you’re going to a school in your hometown, in that case who can you trust as a friend? Well that question can go to anyone anywhere.. As to what I’ve been through for the last year, a lot of people have come and go in my life.

First of all, always keep in contact with your buddies from back home! They would understand you more and longer, so when you have a problem with adapting to a new place you know where to call. But never ever forget them once you have adapted and findย new friends.

Now how do we pick friends? You don’t! Simply find a friend that makes you feel comfortable. Sometimes the transition from a high school student to a university student makes us feel ‘overjoy’, we can sometimes act reckless to prove ourselves ‘cool’. Just be yourself, find someone whoย would let you be who you are.

After a few weeks or semesters, you might have a sudden feeling of change. Whether it is your course, friends, community, anything! It can bring you to stress! Now when things get overloaded, try to take a moment to analyze what is it that is budging you. Try to take away what isn’t healthy. Like when you suddenly realize that a friend of yours only comes to you when they need you. Well then my friend, they ain’t your friend! Trust me, it is better to be alone than be with the wrong friends.

But how do you know when a ‘friend’ is not a friend? An obvious clue is they come to you when they ask about class or assignments, but they never talk or come to you to hang out or joke around. Not that you’re not trying, they just don’t think of you. Second is when you’re in a really busy state and they don’t support you. Third is when they don’t ask where you are when you don’t come into class, and they don’t even care when you’re sick.

So trust someone who would make you laugh and someone you would joke or talk to without making you think hard to please that person. If you feel like you still haven’t adapted, it is fine. For those people who uses you, trust me one day you’ll become a great independent person! Just focus on becoming the best person you can be on your chosen study.

Cya soon,

Syra ๐Ÿ™‚

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