Smooth Skin Trick

Hey Humans!

I’ve had the worst dry skin ever! I just don’t have the time to spare a 10 minute skin care routine for scrubbing, lotions, butters, toners, that is just ridiculous! But…. But… BUT! I have been doing something amazing that has helped drastically in just a few days, and it’s sooo cheap! TRUST ME IT WORKS!

So what is this thing I’m so happy with?! BABY OIL! Yes, it might sound ridiculous but it has helped moisturize my skin more than lotions I’ve used daily. How do I apply it? Simple, apply right out of shower or bath. Don’t towel dry your skin after shower, while your body is still damp apply your baby oil. You don’t need much, it will spread nicely because your skin is damp. Another reason for why on a damp skin? You won’t get the sticky feel of oil on your skin, and it absorbs nicely in your skin! I apply to every body part I possibly can including my face. You can take as much baby oil as you want though. When you’re done, towel dry your skin. It’s a nice smooth drying process. VOILA! Softer skin in a jippy. Apply everytime you shower and you’ll have the softest skin.

I hope this helps for those who have problems with dry skin. I got this trick from beauty guru Tanya Burr, she’s amazing by the way.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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