Beauty of West Sumatra, Indonesia (Day 1/7)

Hey Humans!

24 December 2011,

We arrived in “Bandar Udara Internasional Minangkabau” (you could see in the picture, it’s not a really big airport). A driver from “Cubadak Island” was already waiting for me and my family. We went straight to the island, and got some “Keripik Sanjai” (which are chips from Padang) on the way. It took about 2-3 hours to get to the dock, so I had to chew something on the way. When we got to the dock, we hopped on a speed boat to the island where we were staying.

When I saw the ocean, the first thing I said to my mom “This is the best way to start a holiday”. The ocean was so beautiful and clean. Once I got to the island, it was nice, peaceful, quite, and once again; beautiful. The view was great (I highly recommend this place). Just in time, it was lunch time; so we got lunch. The cuisine here was great, it’s their specialty. I usually don’t eat much, but I can’t refuse the food here.

After lunch, we got to our bungalow and had a rest after a very long trip. Then, we went straight to the sea! Of course we went snorkeling, we couldn’t miss that, and my parents went canoeing.

The people here were very welcome and nice. A lot of people from other countries stay here, my family were the only Indonesians (other than the helpers around the island).

Cubadak’s view from left to right. On the right is the pier of Cubadak, it’s where people go snorkeling/diving and go on/off the boat.
Our 4 bed, 2 stories bungalow. Very nice and comfy.

[This is a reblog of my writing back in 2012 on my tumblr page]

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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