How To Keep Yourself Calm

Hey Humans!
It can be quite tiring having to come home from school, university, work, or where ever you’ve been bringing problems. And when you do nothing about it, stacking all your problems everyday can turn into depression or stress! This being said, there are a few ways to keep your mind and soul calm.

  1. What is it you’re so fussed about? Think about it… Is it really worth thinking over and over again. If it was something you did wrong, is thinking over and over again going to change the past? Because it can’t, what has happened, happened. You can only learn from it, because you can’t be the person you are today, realizing what’s right or wrong, without making mistakes!
  2. What makes you relaxed? Keep your environment nice and fresh. Take a nice cold shower, a relaxing bath, or make your room fresh filled with your favorite scented candle, aromatherapy, or flowers. This really works well for me. When I need some time to think I turn the lights off my room, turn on my fairy lights, and light a nice candle (this is exactly what I’m doing while writing this post!). If you can’t do any of these, not to worry, simply find a comfy spot and think for awhile there. You can shut your eyes, control your breathing in a nice steady pulse.
  3. None of these is going to effect you? If this thing is a problem to you, why are you keeping it as a problem? If it is what you must do, it is for the better. Imagine where you’ll be after all of your problem is done. You’ll never regret having it as a problem in the first place! But if the problem won’t give you or neither anyone else benefit in the end, eliminate your problem.

I think that is all of what I can currently think of.. I hope this helps anyone who is reading to keep yourself a better well-being. If you have any ideas, please don’t be shy to leave a comment!

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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