Beauty of West Sumatra, Indonesia (3/7)

Hey Humans

26 December 2011,

My second morning and guess what?! I went scuba diving. It was my first try, so I was a bit scared, and gosh it was so heavy. Marco was the instructor who taught me and my brother to dive. he taught the basics like how to remove and put water in the mask, and worst of all but very important, we had to get the regulator (the thing we use for breathing) off our mouth then let it go, then there’s these steps to get the regulator (fast and easy with no stress or panic) back on.

There’s this rule I remember, what we have to do and never forget this, NEVER HOLD YOUR BREATH. It was fun, but every time he deflate my BC/BCD (Buoyancy Compensator/Buoyancy Control Device) I would freak out, but it was fun once I got in the water. Since we can’t talk underwater, we did some sign language.

How I love looking at fishes and corals so near and clear. It’s much clearer to dive than just snorkeling. Me and my brother had some problems with our ears, so once we go deeper, our ears would hurt. My brother got up first cause he can’t go deeper than me, he just got a cold. And I couldn’t go untill 5m, I’ll work on it the next time I dive. Since my dad could dive, he’s gonna teach me soon, I hope. I want to get a diving certificate.

Getting started to dive, we’re Swimming backwards.
Casually peeking underwater

So as I promised, I wanted to go up the hill again. And yes, I did! A bit of the trek was different, I think its because it was raining last night. Some trees fell down and a it was a little muddy. But when I got up, the view? Very great! It was worth a climb. A quote that I know “Life’s a climb, but the view is great” – Hannah Montana The Movie.

The View from above

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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