Beauty of West Sumatra, Indonesia (4/7)

Hey Humans!

27 December 2011,

Too sad, this is our last day in Cubadak Island and we had to leave at 10 am. We went straight to packing, breakfast, and said goodbye to the people on the island; especially Dominique, Nanni, and Marco. Then we got on a boat where there were 3 other families on the boat too. So, that was the end of our trip in Cubadak Island….. Will be missed.

DurianBut, our trip in Padang isn’t over yet. Our next stay is; Pangeran Beach Hotel. On the way, we got some durian. I’m not a huge fan of durian, so I didn’t eat any. My brother and dad really liked it, they said it was sweet and good, even my mom who usually don’t eat durian said it was good.

We got to the hotel, it’s a 4 star hotel, but I gotta say, it’s just like all those other standard hotels. But there’s a gym, and a swimming pool right next to the beach. You can’t swim on the beach though, ‘cause the tide is big here.

Since we’re hungry, we got lunch. We’re in Padang! And we haven’t exactly ate real traditional Padang food! So we went on a public transportation (here we call it “angkot”) to a restaurant.

At night, we went to a kind of seafood restaurant right next to a beach. I ate shrimp, didn’t eat fish because I don’t really like fishes. I also got itchy because of my allergies (I really don’t know what I’m allergic to).

A view from our hotel window. Padang is well-known for the pointy roof tops.
Dinner is served, Bon Appetit!

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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