Beauty of West Sumatra, Indonesia (5/7)

Hey Humans!

28 December 2011,

Today we’re finally going to look around Padang. So this morning, a driver that we booked came to our hotel to pick us up. We planed to go to Solok today, it’s a really long drive from here.

When we got to the place, one thing I learned here and why actually tourists don’t want to come to Indonesia, we have to pay for everything! We pay for getting into places, parking, toilets, and then there’s beggars. Once you give money to the beggars, they ask for more. And the view? Great! But poor thing Indonesia don’t take care places for tourism, so this place was not a really great place to sit down and relax.

On the way home, I saw something really scary. So there’s this person, umm… Sitting on top of the bridge of a railway. just look at the picture. (Sorry it’s kind of blurry)

See the red circle? Yep, that’s him. How did he get up there?

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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