Beauty of West Sumatra, Indonesia (6/7)

Hey Humans!

29 December 2011,

Today we’re checking out from Pangeran Beach Hotel, and we’re going to “Lembah Harau”. Lembah means valley, so we’re going to a valley. On the way to the valley, we stopped by at “Bukit Tinggi”, which is a famous city here in Padang. We saw a clock that the Dutch made when Indonesia was colonized, called “Jam Gadang”. Jam means clock in bahasa Indonesia. Look at the picture, and see if there is something weird on the clock.

Do you see it? Number 4 should be IV, but here its IIII.

There’s also these people that wear costumes, and people would ask to take pictures with them then they get money. In the picture below, they look very exhausted, it was really hot that day. There were plenty of other cartoon characters.

So after looking at the clock, we went shopping at the market. The markets here in Indonesia are unique. After stopping by in Bukit Tinggi, we went straight to the valley. As the sun started to set, we got to the valley. The view? Great! This valley was amazing! There’s 2 walls (nature walls) on each side of the road, when you scream on one end, your voice will echo. So here, we’re staying in “Echo Valley”, I think we all know why its called “Echo Valley”. Haha…

Sun set on the rice field, on the way to “Lembah Harau”
The surroundings of Echo Valley at night.

[This is a reblog of my writing back in 2012 on my tumblr page]

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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