Win Over A Heart


Hey Humans!

Is it hard to win over somebody’s heart? I think it’s simple, but… You need to find that one thing that will trigger their heart. Now for some people that is easy because they’re so open about themselves. I on the other hand, I consider myself hard to figure.

I am a slow to warm up kid. Which means I take a long time to adapt into one place until I can open up. It doesn’t mean I can’t socialize or anything, I just don’t get into much details with people. When someone can actually make me feel comfortable in sharing, that is a huge step of knowing me. I’ve tried to go through a lot of convo’s with friends, and I realized there are a few people I talk with that makes me dizzy. I think too much into impressing those people, and I figured it’s not even worth it. The people I can talk laid back with are the people I keep. People that makes me comfortable for me to be ‘me’. People that understand what I do and what I love, also can laugh along with me. So by those simple moves, my heart has already been taken.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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