Random Lunches


Hey Humans!

Everyone has people they’ve dreamed of meeting. Either it’s their favorite singer, actor, hero, or just anything. There would be a lot of people I’d love to meet. I’ll tell you along the way.

Who would be the 5 people I want to meet for lunch? I’ve had phases… If you asked me this back in 2008 I would probably mention people like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and all those Disney Channel stars. I still want to meet them one day, but for now there are a whole lot of other priorities. I’ve been inspired by a lot of things through out my blogs and videos on youtube. I’d really like to go meet my inspirations for lunch and thank them personally. Now I’m going to twist the question a bit. 5 bloggers/youtubers I want to meet for lunch?

  1. Dan and Phil. This has to go on top of the list. The first ever sit down talking in front of a camera in a bedroom youtuber that I’ve watched and loved so much was Dan Howell (danisnotonfire). The first ever time I watched his videos I just love what youtubers do. Watching him made me want to try youtubing. And then I discovered more youtubers like Phil Lester (amazingphil), which is Dan’s flat mate. So of course I’d love to have lunch with them and talk about random things in life.
  2. Zalfie. For those who don’t know, Zalfie is a ship name for Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and Alfie Deyes (Pointlessblog). They are a couple and both youtubers. It’s weird how we can be so attached in knowing other people’s daily lives. Alfie does daily vlogging and I manage to watch his videos everyday when I wake up in the morning. They are really nice to their viewers, and what’s great is that they want to get to know their viewers as well. So I would love to meet them for lunch and chat around.
  3. Jaspar. Another ship name for Joe Sugg (Thatcherjoe) and Caspar Lee (Caspar). Yes, Joe Sugg is Zoe’s brother. Jaspar are youtube buddies. They make hilarious videos and a lot of other amazing projects. So I’d love to have lunch with them and just laugh my ass off.
  4. JacksGap. A youtube channel founded by Jack Harries and his twin brother Finn Harries. They make amazing travel and inspiring storytelling videos with amazing designs. Their videos are simple, eye catching, easy to watch kind of videos. I’d love to have lunch with them and talk about adventure.
  5. Sortedfood. Now this youtube channel is what I’ve loved recently. A channel all about cooking and baking! Which is what I’ve started to love doing. Watching their videos make my tummy rumble. So I’d love having lunch of what I’ve cooked with them.

That’s about it. The youtubers I’d love to meet and have lunch with. Inspiring, hard-working, different unique stories to every people. Check them out if you’d like.

Cya soon,


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