The Favorites


Hey Humans!
I’ve never shared of what are my favorite things around my life at the moment. I think it’s time for me to tell you.. This will contain random stuff not just in the form of a product. But everything there is in life… Enjoy!

IMG_6603Favorite beauty product? Anything involving a brush wand with spikes….. I’m talking about mascaras. Wait, that’s actually my 2nd favorite. First would have to be lipsticks. I would always need one around with me. My current favorite lipsticks are Rimmel’s Kate Moss (107) and Maybelline’s Colorshow Creamy Matte Lipcolor (M301 & M304). I’m into natural nudes or dark reds. It’s hard to choose in between.


Favorite Thing? I’ve recently purchased a new backpack. And this makes me so excited to go out and bring around my new backpack. It’s a nice leather backpack. Enough for college use and for trips out of college.

Favorite food? Well… I’ve been into cooking and baking recently. And there’s this brownie I’ve made, and gotten great compliments about it. It’s a fudge brownie, and I have posted the recipe if you’d like to see.

Favorite Place to be? Anywhere clam with the sound of waves or the sound of the wind through trees. Growing up with parents who would choose holidays in the forests compared to going holidays to a fancy well-known city with amazing architect, has made me love the nature in so many ways.Exposed To Nature

Favorite TV  Series and Movie? I am currently obsessed on a TV series called “Chuck”. It was aired from 2007-2012. My boyfriend recommended me this because he knows how much I love spy themed shows. And I managed to finish 2 seasons on a weekday. Another I’m obsessed for a long time is “Pretty Little Liars”. You probably know what it’s about. I’ve made a spoof “PLL News” about updates on this series hahaha. My favorite Movie for sure is “The Hunger Games” trilogy! I’ve been obsessed ever since the first movie came out, and I can’t wait for the the last to come out on the 20th November. I remember reading all the trilogy books in a week, on a school night. I was pretty proud of myself.

Favorite Music? Ooooo really hard to mention. I’m currently studying at a Music Conservatory, majoring in violin and music therapy. So asking what my favorite music is pretty hard. I’ve had a lot of references from the classical (you know the really early centuries) to rock, jazz, pop, electronic. I like every genre, it just depends on the music. Like the melody, harmony, dynamic, rhythm (blablabla I’m getting too deep into my music studies). But honestly, I’m just like any other mainstream teenagers out there. I love the Top 40 radio charts too.

Favorite Blog post? This is quite tough because I get so excited at every time I post something new on my blog. Everything I post is original. My favorite would have to be Exposed To Nature. It was for a challenge, but it turned out to be my most successful posts I’ve yet put up.

Extra favorite! I’m loving flowers so much! I love the smell, colors, and how it sweetens the environment.


Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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