My Curvy Life


Hey Humans!

Life is a series of stories in chapters of life. I’m sure everyone has been through something tough in their life. But honestly, we can’t judge who’s life is tougher. As long as you survived, be thankful that it happened. You’ve become a better you. I”m going to share my story..

It was 2010 when it happened. I remember my mom telling me I don’t stand straight, and my dad would say I’m just acting like I’m not. But honestly I didn’t understand what they meant. My mom is a researcher, so browsing google and looking at what my diagnosis might be was easy for her. She then told me to bend forward so that she could analyze my spine. And there it was… We weren’t sure yet, so we booked an appointment with to one of the closest orthopedic we could find.

The nearest orthopedic doctor was at a hospital just around 200 m away from my house.. As usual, we’d just walk to get there. The doctor asked what my problem was, and my mom explained everything. She was making sure the doctor knew clear what’s happening. So then I had to go for an x-ray. I remember being afraid, it was terrifying. The weird noises, lights and the cold table I had to lay on with whatever position the doctor put me into. After everything was clear, the doctor would stay behind a screen and take the shot. It was a wrap, and we went back into his office.

I saw what he held. I saw it wasn’t normal. He held up the film, without measuring anything and blurted out “you have a 20 degree scoliosis”. I didn’t know if that was terrible or not, but I knew my life had changed. He gave me a choice to wear a brace, if I had gotten to 30 degrees I would’ve needed surgery. I got scared by the choices. As me and mom went home, I told her I would never want to wear braces.

That was it for 2 years. I did not use any braces, but I did a lot of callanetics (similar to yoga). My back was fine until I got myself into hard physical activities. In 2012 I had the worst back pain. I would usually keep my pain quite, but this time I couldn’t handle it anymore. I even took a pain killer, which was my first and last time ever using that. So my mom and dad had to do something quick.

Suddenly, I got a text from mom saying that I have a chiropractic appointment. My questions were “what the hell is a chiropractic?”. Chiropractic is not common where I come from. And so I had to take new x-rays after 2 years. And it turned into a 40 degree scoliosis. I cried in the x-ray room just looking at it, it looked painful. And what was stupid is that my first x-ray was actually already a 30 degree scoliosis. I was so disappointed at my first doctor.

Long story short, I never used braces for my back nor did I go for a surgery. My intensive care treatment was tough for my family because we had to drive 50 km to get there, and another 50 km back home. I have the ones I love supporting and taking care of me. And I will be forever grateful for that. So, my go-to quote is from Usain Bolt:

But if I keep my core and back strong, the scoliosis doesn’t really bother me.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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