A Dream


Hey Humans!

It’s been awhile since I’ve figured out what my dream job is. A lot of kids would want to become a doctor, pilot, or teacher. But I wanted to become an athlete, I loved running. Then I changed to artist (drawing, etc), musician, criminologist, and now a Music Therapist.

Ever since then I stopped dreaming and put my head straight to what I wanted to do. I am now 1/3 on the way to being a real music therapist. I love the power of music for healing. I am honestly still amazed at what I’m learning and becoming to be.

If I don’t end up becoming a music therapist, what will I do? I know for sure that I will finish my bachelor as a music therapist, but we just never know what opportunities might come ahead right? I’d love to become a traveler, videographer, and stuff like that. I know I’m not good at it, yet. But, I’m sure through passion anything is possible.

Whatever I end up doing, wherever that is, I’m sure I will make the best of it. And I will, somehow, show the world the greatness of it.


Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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