All Around You


Hey Humans!

Have you looked around your surroundings? Like really, look around.. Now look at what you’re reading. And on what device are you reading it on? How did this device show you what you’re reading right now? I don’t know myself.. But I know, I wouldn’t know how my life would be without it.

I might not make a point there, but I must tell you.. If I were asked what am I grateful for? Everything in my life. Family, friends, people who support me, and my belongings. And some might not say this, but the platform that I am writing on write now is one of what I’m grateful for. Without it, where would I write my random words? What random person will hear my words? There are just so many things to be grateful in life. So thank our creator for all the beauty and love we have.


Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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