Embarrassing Enough?


Hey Humans!
I don’t know what your preference of ‘very’ embarrassing moments are, but I’m sure everyone has an embarrassing moment. And so for the first time, here are 2 of my most embarrassing moments.

So I was at a toll road rest area at night. I was there with a couple of my campus friends by bus. So I went to a mini market to fetch some chocolate. Right in front of the mini market was a guy, I thought is was my friend. So I confidently called him out in my most heroic high voice while jumping to him and waving my hands. From right then I realized it wasn’t my friend. And then I said nothing, looked away, put my most straight face on, and walked normal. Until this point I’ve never told anyone this story, I was so embarrassed.

Another story was when I was a kid I loved swings. I was out at the park with my family. And as usual I would choose the swings. My mom was watching out on me, then suddenly she yelled something out. And so I looked down, and was in shock not knowingΒ how this happened. Bare with me, I was just a kid, and I can’t be more embarrassed to write this on a post. I had half my underwear out, because I only put in on one leg! So, my underwear was peeking out of my shorts. I keep laughing when I remember this. It was hilarious having my mom to see that while I was up in the air.

Share your embarrassing moments down in the comments πŸ˜‰ Let’s support each other!


Cya soon,

Syra πŸ™‚

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