How To Survive Braces

Hey Humans!

I have been wearing braces for over 2 years now! And I can’t believe it’s all over now. OVER! It feels so freeeee.. I will share you how to survive braces including a talk-over youtube video.

  1. Avoid eating hard food! I didn’t listen for a few times, and my brackets fell off a couple times. So my dentist had to re-glue it and I had to waste more money.
  2. Bring water around at all times! Rinse out your braces after eating. At least you can be hydrated at all times. Oh, and always check your teeth with a mirror to see if anything is stuck in between.
  3. Mouthwash or Floss! Honestly, flossing is hard when you have braces on, so mouthwash would be fine. I wore damon braces so it helps rinse out the dirt inside the brackets to open the wire gates.
  4. Use small little toothbrushes! It help getting those dirt between the braces.
  5. When prescribed with bands, wear it everyday! I didn’t use mine everyday so the time I wore braces was a lot longer than expected.
  6. Last, do not go to your appointment a month after your actual appointment! I did that, and not only that it adds the more time using braces but also how hard it was to open my damon brackets!

That’s all my tips I can give you…. I am now bracelesss!!!! If you’re getting braces, or wearing braces, good luck! And if you’re about to get your braces off, congratulations!!!

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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