Hey Humans!

Who likes ‘fears’ anyways? I don’t like them, neither do I like how I sometimes feel anxious at my own thoughts. I don’t want to go in too deep into my thoughts, so I’ll answer it easy. My fears?

Escalators makes me feel anxious. I can go on them, I just have to wait and look at it a few moments. Sometimes I can feel drop down scared that no matter how full my hands are, I have to touch the railings. Because my mind is like, what happens if I trip on the next one, what happens if my shoe lace gets stuck in.

Raw eggs and chicken freaks me out. Not that I don’t cook them, I always do! But I just can’t bare touching them. I will always have to wash my hands very clean right away after touching them. OCD much? Maybe, I just don’t know why I have fear of touching raw stuff.

Do you have fears? Maybe you’d like to share around, maybe we could help each other 🙂


Cya soon,



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