Hey Humans!

December is soon to come.. The year is almost over.. Schools are preparing for an end of semester. Just like every other student, I get super nervous and stressed on exams. But honestly, I never was so stressed back in high school. But since university…. It’s hard for me to handle every end of semesters.

What’s stressing me out is having to play my violin in front of 5 juries playing at least 4 pieces memorized. Not to mention I play in a dark recital room with a spotlight towards me. Nerve wrecking… This semester is my 4th hearing exam, and I’m still not over the stress. But what I do? I go for it! I gotta do it anyway. So breath in, remember this is YOUR choice, let it flow.. It’s now or never people!

Maybe share me your thoughts of what stresses you out? We can support each other 🙂


Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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