Hey Humans!

When I first heard this saying I thought it was something like, “Pet what? What can I like about pets?”. Turns out it’s something a person is annoyed at. Well, I have a lot of that. But I can only figure a few right now.

First, people who walks slow but blocks the way! I’m fine if you walk slow, but on the side and realize that there are people who just randomly likes to walk fast. I’m the kind of person when alone, not even rushing to a place, I would need to walk fast. So please if you’re either walking with a friend chatting or alone chilling, just move over to the side and save some space for fast walkers. Thank you.

Second, raw meat. I hate raw meat, raw egg, raw anything! I would have to use a plastic glove or fork. But if I use my fingers, I would need to wash my hands at least twice. Honestly, even using gloves I would still have to wash my hands. I just can’t handle it. I don’t know… Hmm… But, I need to cook and eat these, so I try to not let my pet peeve in the way.

Do you have any pet peeves? Maybe you can share yours, and we can help each other 🙂


Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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