My Family

Hey Humans!
In this post I’d like to share about my family… My family are Indonesians just like me, duh. We all do very different things, but we still find that one silver lining.
My dad is very athletic. He does all the cool physical stuff. Like rock climbing, target shooting, knife target, diving, and and does important jobs on safety. I pretty much got my adventurous side from him.
Now, my mom is a forest conservationist, and lecturer. She specializes on frogs all around Indonesia. She does all the amazing travels and guides me well when I have problems on my uni stuff.
My big brother is a daring traveler, explorer, and big dreamer. He now lives in Australia and is planning to become a permanent resident. He’s a very well hard working chef, and he would do anything to get where he wants.
While me? I’m pretty much everyone jumbled into a small human being. I love the adventures my family has been through, and I look up to them. So they are my inspirations.

Cya soon,
Syra πŸ™‚

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