To Be Remembered?

Hey Humans!
We are all put into this beautiful universe for a reason. No matter who we become; a successful businessman, teacher, farmer, rich or poor. We all depend on each other, the world revolves around us. Without one person, this whole world wouldn’t be right. I’m sure whoever we become, we would be a lesson for our next generations. We all have different stories and perspectives in life, it’s ours to share it for other people who needs it.
How would I personally want to be remembered in this world? Hmmm…. I’d probably want to be remembered as the random girl who loves chocolate so much. Nah, just kidding. I do want to be someones inspiration, and be ables to help a lot of people. It’s the small things that makes up of something big. Something like that is what I want to be remembered for.
What do you want to be remembered for in this world? Maybe we can relate?
Cya soon,
Syra 🙂

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