Exciting Upcoming Projects! (announced)


Hey Humans!

I’ve had some crazy ideas in my head. I love making independent projects just for the sake of self happiness. I’ve done a few now, but I still have a lot up my sleeve. I’ll share what I’ve done, and some exciting up coming projects!


So I have this youtube channel called “Random Syra” just like the name of my blog. And I’ve posted some projects over there. There’s some Travel Video Blogs that I’m so proud of. Another project that was a lot of hard work and I’m very proud of myself, is a project I did collaborating with a whole lot of other Indonesians scattered all around the world. I asked people to sing “Tanah Air”, and they did a great job! Come give my videos some love by visiting my channel.

*checking my sleeve*

Alright, I’ll share a bit of what my sleeve has.

I have been loving doing this 30 day blog challenge. And now I’m proud to announce that I will be doing a lot more serious posts…. By serious, I mean it.. Serious content, with serious pictures and sorts. I am going to be doing a “10 Days New Years Countdown”, starting on the 23rd of December up until the 1st of January. I will be doing posts about a better well-being, beauty, and sorts. The calendar is going to be refreshing, so why not we join in?

Another project I’m very excited about! I will soon have a new series up on my youtube channel. I can’t tell you exactly about what, but this is something really new, and I’m sure it will be amazing. I am collaborating with an amazing musician, Martin. Get ready sometime in December for a new series!

So I guess that’s it… I hope you’re as excited as I am (?) I will be more active once I’m done with my finals starting today! Eeeeeeppp…. *nervous*

Cya soon,

Syra πŸ™‚

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