Blog Goals?


Hey Humans!

Every blogger started blogging for a reason. Whether it started as their passion, share stories, business; at least every blogger hoped there would be a reader. But until how far do you want to go with you blog? What are your goals?

I will share my goals… I started out a blog because I remember loving it. I used to be active on tumblr and it was fun to post random things, other than having to post facebook statuses. Since I started out a youtube channel named “Random Syra”, I really wanted to make the name “Random Syra” into something… Something that I hope maybe someone would be pleased to have found this Random Syra. I want to shareΒ a story, make a story, Β and listen to a story..

I like keeping my blog as simple and as easy as possible for people to approach, to browse around, and just relate to life. It’s nice to find people who you can relate to, and just talk over the random things. So yeah, my goals is to find people and help each other get through our problems. Together we can unite!

Tell me your story… What is your blog about, and why did you start it in the first place?

Cya soon,

Syra πŸ™‚

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