Reason To Live


Hey Humans!

I’m sure we’re put in this world for a reason right? But what reason do you want to take into your life? What do you live for? If I were to answer that, I’d want to make other people happy. But then I’ve come to a thought, when I’ve accomplished that, what does that happy person want to live for?

The list might just go on and on…. maybe that’s because there’s only one answer.. We live for each other. Yep, I think that is what we live for. We were trusted to take care of what was given to to us.

I might be going out of topic because I was only supposed to share what I live for. But to be honest, I really just go through my days and make the best of it. Maybe not always the best of it….. But I try to do something that maybe, can bring a great change to somebody, something positive. Oh, and I really want to make my family proud and strong.

What do you live for? Is it for your family, bring a difference to the world, or something personal for yourself. Share me your stories and maybe we can relate..

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

3 thoughts on “Reason To Live

  1. Very noble purpose you’ve got. I wish i could say i’m the same. I like making others feel good, but, I’m mostly selfish. I think i get the most from trying to improve and reach potential in my interests.

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