The Bucket List


Hey Humans!
I’m sure we all have some things that we want, but we just can’t have it yet. Either it’s not the time, not enough money, or you just haven’t found it yet. Well, I have loads of things that I want but I just can’t have them yet, so I keep my list in a bucket (?)

*checking my bucket*

  1. On top of my list is to go to Australia! 11 years ago I lived in Australia, and I haven’t been there ever since. I’d love to go back down memory lane. I’d probably burst into tears when I do. There were just so many great memories…
  2. Travel every island there is in Indonesia! Probably not exactly all because there is a total ofย 17.508 islands in Indonesia. But I’d love to see many different cultures the Indonesians has to offer. I’ve seen quite a few varieties, and they’re amazing.
  3. Go to the US/UK. I know they’re both so different countries, but going to any one of them would be a great opportunity for me! I just want to know how it feels like out there in a different country.
  4. I’ve never felt snow. Although I don’t like feeling cold, but I’d love to play with snow. They just look nice and white altogether.
  5. Graduate university ASAP!!!! Period.

That’s a few of my bucket lists I hope to achieve… Do you have any bucket lists? Maybe you might want to share and we’ll chat along.

This is my very last post on the 30 day challenge. I can’t believe it has come to an end, and it ended right at the moment I finished all my final exams. Cheers to that! I hope you had fun reading them. If you missed out you can read them all here.ย I love writing and I’ll still be around for more better blogs!


Cya soon

Syra ๐Ÿ™‚

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