Roundtable Rival by Lindsey Stirling

[Weekly Jam]

Hey Humans!

I have been playing the violin for over 11 years now. Lindsey Stirling has become my most favorite violinist, her style is very unique as a violinist. She has made violin an exciting instrument to play in a whole new level. I’d have to thank her so much, because just when I was on the peak of giving up on violin, she has made me love it more.

My recent favorite is Roundtable Rival. The vibe of that song is so country like and electronic music. It’s so fun to play. I’ve been so tired of playing classical pieces with a lot of rules on how to play them. Where as playing her music is so free, and let’s people express however you want. That is why I love her music, especially her playing the violin.

Check out the video, she also dances while she plays. Which I’d have to say is CRAZY!

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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