Star Wars Soundtrack

[Weekly Jam]

Hey Humans!

Almost everyone I know has been buzzing about the new Star Wars movie. After all the years, it’s time for them to come back. I wasn’t a Star Wars fan at all, but I managed to watch the latest film with my mom. I love the new film! I was mostly more into looking at the little round droid BB-8.

bb8-star-wars_3274_3274829bStar Wars has one of the best movie scoring movies there is. When I was watching the latest film I was thinking what it would be like if I watched the first movie in 1977. How awesome it must have been to see the effects and music. Turning a whole new history of movies. Nowadays anything is possible with all the technologies, but back then it was harder. The Star Wars Soundtrack is still known as the best movie soundtrack there is until now. So imagine if you were to hear that in 1977! I would’ve been excited to see the action.

Overall everything was all better with the movie and sound. How they kept most of everything from the original trilogy. I’m looking forward on the new young actors in the film, they’re so good at it!

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