A Dorm To Remember

[Day 9 of New Years Countdown]

Hey Humans!
I’m currently a University student living on my own in a small dorm. I have the most ridiculous amount of stuff for a very small space. My most crazy never regrettable purchase is a mini oven. It makes everything so much easier rather than having myself go down from the 4th floor to a very dirty kitchen with no oven! Anyways, I will show you some ideas of storing all those stuff in such a small space and re-decorating your room into something fresher. I have also attached a video below of my ‘Dorm Tour’.


The most important thing is find everything a place. No matter how small your room is, everything has a place as long as you find one. At first when I moved here I was only given a wardrobe, a work table, and a bed. Now I still use everything they provided, but I bought 2 Ikea Billy shelves (link) that puts in all my stuff and makes everything neat. This spot is like a mini kitchen in my room. I prepare all my food here and I put my mini oven on top of the shelf.

DSC09895color.JPGTo keep everything in place, find storage boxes for every little things. I have small boxes  from Ikea (link), and this keeps all my techs, arts and crafts, just so everything doesn’t scatter around. Same goes for all you beauty lovers out there with a lot of products; find small storage’s to keep everything in place.

When everything has a place, you want to make things look nice, clean, and simple as possible. Cover every mess, because it is a small space. White works with everything!!! Cover with a curtain, a tablecloth, or even use that scarf you never use.



After that, decorate all you want around your walls. Don’t go too much because it will make your room seem small (that’s what I did before). I put some fairy lights on my wall, with some photos for me to look at everyday.

I hope you have some ideas on tidying your tiny spaced dorm, or just normal rooms in general. If you have some great ideas, please let me know! Share your thoughts…

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Dorm To Remember

  1. I love the lights and pictures. I did close to the same! I actually have pictures of it on one of my blog posts too. It makes it feel more “homey.” Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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