Fix Whats Been Broken

[Day 7 of New Years Countdown]

Hey Humans!

Have you ever had a broken piece? No, I’m not talking about a vase. More like what’s inside of you… I’m sure everyone reading this has felt a broken heart. And no, I’m not writing a cheesy post about break ups.

First of all, can you fix a broken heart? Definitely yes, but it will leave you scars. Scars are what will define and show the fears that you’ve conquered. Is a broken heart worth crying for? Of course, you need to feel the pain to understand what it really is. I’ll try to share some tips on fixing a broken heart.

There are three types of people from my analysis; 1) exaggerate, 2) runaway, 3) face it. People who exaggerate are probably the most annoying ones. They know that they’re hurting, they know their problems, but they do nothing to fix it! But honestly, they just need someone to care about them.. The runaway types are the people who needs the most awareness of their problems. They don’t ask for a lot of attention, but deep down they’re hoping for someone to come to them someday and change their lives forever. Last are the people who face it. These are the people who knows that there lives can’t go on without facing it, and it won’t go anywhere by doing nothing.

  1.  Understand your pain. You already know why you feel hurt, but most people deny the pain. Never try to deny it… Eventually it will come by to you anytime, even when you think your life is going smooth. Like when the problem comes around but you haven’t found a resolution to it, it will bother you. But when you’ve found a resolution, you’ll just forget you had the pain and realize the power you have now. How do you understand your pain? Ask questions to yourself, be brave. Understand that it needs to be talked about either it is to yourself or to someone else. Remember that time is ticking and it won’t wait for anyone, but also remember that it is never too late to do anything.
  2. There is no point of punishing yourself. Everyone make mistakes, everyone has emotions, everyone has their own problems. If you think you don’t deserve to live, then why do you have the chance to live? Everyone’s here for a reason, if you really don’t deserve to live then you wouldn’t even have the time to realize it anyways. There are a lot of people out there that would do anything for a life we have (internet and technologies). Don’t bury the fear, but conquer it. Then you’d have a new story to tell.
  3. What has happened, happened for a reason. This is like the cheesy quote “Everything happens for a reason”. But it is true! What happened before defines who you are now, and that is what is meant to be. We are only given a problem because we were given the strength from birth. So remember when a hurricane hits you, it came because you are stronger than the hurricane. Be grateful, and realize that you are tough and strong!
Cya soon,
Syra 🙂

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