A Special Giver

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Hey Humans!

It would be totally awesome if I were a genie and I could give people their wishes. Receiving gifts is one thing, but having the chance to give one and be so much appreciated is special. Of course if I were to choose, the top 3 people I would give out their wishes are my family. But let me just put aside the family and friends..

I would go out to the streets to fine these 3 people. As what I’ve seen around my country Indonesia, there are a lot of people in need. I would really find the ones who work their hardest, not lie and cheat because that will get no one anywhere!

  1. Someone who collects trash for a living. Without these people our country would be a mess! In Indonesia people collect trash manually using a cart. They pick up the trash and throw it in the cart. Sometimes we forget that they’re humans too! They need money as well as they also have health issues due to their work. They deserve more than this. Their health is as important as everybody else’s, also their families that they have to find food for. They would deserve a wish.
  2. A parent who awaits their child’s arrival. This is sad.. I’ve heard a couple of stories about parent’s who miss their ‘so successful’ children. They do get sent money, but is that really enough? All they want is to see their child not their money. Money is not worth a human being. Some even thought their phone broke because they never receive calls from their child. Do you think that’s funny? They deserve a wish.
  3. A child who lost their parents. They have to work for their own food, and forced to leave education. There are also many stories of the older sibling giving up education so their younger sibling can continue school. Most of us take school for granted. But there are many kids out there that WANTS to go to school! They deserve a wish.

Let’s all take a moment and think about what we could be grateful of, more than thinking of what we think is the ‘pressure of life’. We don’t need to exaggerate, there are real problems out there. So get yourself off the sofa, off your phones and laptops, and be joyful.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Generous Genies

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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