Create The Ultimate Bucket List

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[Day 5 New Years Countdown]

Hey Humans!

We all know what a bucket list is, right? For those who don’t know, a bucket list is a list of the things you want to achieve in life. We don’t do this to compete with other people, but simply to make the best of the one life we are given. This list will help you be motivated to reach a goal, not just living the same old same old day everyday. I’d want to share some ideas on how you can create your own ultimate bucket list.

Remember that your life is your choice, what ever other people tell you to do, your actions are the thing that counts. I don’t know why, but I’m really sure of what I said. Let’s start with some questions… Figure the answers without thinking of your limitations economically, physically, or even mentally.

  1. What would you do if tomorrow was your last day?
  2. Countries you’ve always dreamed of yourself standing?
  3. People you’ve always dreamed of talking with?
  4. Conquering your biggest fear?
  5. The adventure of your lifetime?
  6. Learning a new skill?
  7. What doesn’t kill but makes you stronger?
  8. Revisiting a childhood memory?

Those are just some examples of questions, the answers are your bucket list! What ever limitations you have in your bucket list, I’m sure there is a way to achieve it. If not, maybe you can find a twist, or achieve it in a different unique way. Let this bucket list not just be a story that a goal has been achieved, but also a story of the process of achieving the goal. How you can earn something by trying the best you can.

My own bucket list you may ask? On top is to re-visit my childhood back in Australia, I’d want to walk down the memory lane. But what I’ve achieved? A lot are small things…

  1. Purchasing a mini oven for my dorm. To cook myself meals.
  2. Achieving a diving license. To enjoy the life underwater.
  3. Going to a Taylor Swift concert. To sing-along her songs in live.
  4. Creating a blog and youtube channel! To share and meet new people.

Create something that when you’re old you’ll always cherish those moments of the ‘highlights of your life’, a step to the person you’ve become. Let all those haters who doubted you to hate you even more for being successful! Remember, life is a choice. If you want it, there’s always a way to achieve it.

Cya soon,

SYra 🙂

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