Healthy Well-Being



[Day 4 of New Years Countdown]

Hey Humans!

It’s that time of the year where people start writing resolutions (read my blogpost). You can start anytime you want, I’m just helping out for those who have the will to start. What is a healthy well-being? Who can say someone has enough health for a healthy well-being?

It really does depend on perspectives. But what I know for sure the only person who can judge ‘healthy’ on your own body is yourself . Doctors, friends, and family can only say but remember that they can’t feel what you feel.. Life is a choice, being healthy is your choice. How could it be a choice? A choice of what you do, eat, routines. I will not go full-on detail, but I’ll just explain the basic importance.

  1. Food. Everyone would say “Watch out what you eat” when it comes to diets and being healthy. It’s true, though it is only 20% part of the healthy well-being. By eating healthy also doesn’t mean cutting off hundreds of calories a day! You also need those calories for your daily energy. I’m not a food dietary expert, if you want to know more search it up on others’ blogs.
  2. Feelings. What you think and how you react effects on your well-being. These things can cause stress, depression, anxiety and many others. Also called emotional health, which is a problem that gives negative effects to the whole of your body not just the brain. People would at least need to be aware that this is a real problem. When someone you know has emotional health problems, don’t isolate them. They don’t need more of what they can do to themselves, but offer them help.
  3. Calm. I know I know, we all have that moment when we feel tired and overwhelmed with all our tasks. But sometimes we just have to re-think. Is what we do worth the stress? Is the comeback worth the pain? You deserve a timeout. Your health is the most important deal. Without your health, you can never say ‘yes’ to jobs.
  4. Sleep. This one word is the hardest! Yes, I’m saying this to myself. Many researches has proved that sleep deprivation can cause many health problems. Getting enough sleep is like taking your daily dose of vitamins. It helps you stay balanced in life.
  5. Activities. What you choose to physically do effects the most on having a healthy well-being. We all know that exercising is the best way to keep you healthy. But at least doing anything is better than doing nothing!  Except if your ‘doing something’ means sitting with your phones and laptops on. Get out the house and do something!

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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