Plan Your Trip

[Day 2 of New Years Countdown]

Hey Humans!

You might be wondering “Where should I visit in 2016?” “I want to go somewhere, but what’s a nice place?”. Well you’ve come to the right place. I will help you plan your upcoming trip you’ve always dreamed of! Maybe.

Disclaimer: I love going to places more of the nature side, and I’ve mostly only traveled different sides of my own country Indonesia, Australia, Bangkok, and Singapore. But I will help you in any way!Collage.jpg

The most important thing before aiming your budget is when and how long you’re going. Are you going on a high season? Are you going for a week? When you’ve figured this out, your budget usually adapts to it. Note that everything on a high season is much more expensive and full!

Now you’ve figured when and how, it’s time to figure out whereWhere do you want to go? Is the timing right enough where you want to go? I mean, if you’re only going on a trip for a few days, but it takes you a 16 hour flight including a whole lot of jet lag, think again. You’re not even over the jet lag, then you’re out again, wasting 1/3 of the time of your trip on a plane. I might be exaggerating, but you get the point. So, find somewhere that suits your time.

So, let’s figure out on what kind of place you’d like to visit and why. Here is where your budget play a big role. Are you there for the nature, tradition, history, artifacts, or royal? What kind of place are you staying in; hotel, hostel, villa, camp? I’ll give you an example of going to Bali, which has many great views and artifacts. But there are also many stays like hotels and villas near the beach, rice field, villages, city. It just depends on what you like most.

Last but not least, with who you want to go? This involves with your budget. When you’re out with your friends you can at least divide some costs. If you’re backpacking alone you might want to find someone who lives where you’re going. My brother uses couchsurfing for that, and he’s very satisfied.

Maybe you know about everything I’ve said, but I really want to point out some small things to you. To where ever you’re going, figure out on how you’re going to places. Is your budget enough for that? Then what kind environment and traditions they have. Just search it up, it’s a lot of fun.

I’d love to give you advice on where to visit, but my advice can only go to people who wants to travel to Indonesia. I’m fortunate enough to have travel a lot of places around Indonesia. View my posts on Indonesia (here).

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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