Chiropractic Incident – Indonesia

Hey Humans!

A terrible news went viral in Indonesia, a girl named Allya died in August 2015 (read news here). It was allegedly said caused by a chiropractic malpractice. The chiropractic company and all the franchise was forced to shut down. Although it isn’t the chiropractic I go to, but my chiropractic is currently in jeopardy. One of the franchise of my chiropractic company that I go to just got shut down yesterday.

I have a sudden lost feeling.. Ever since I got treatments at chiropractic, it changed my life. I wouldn’t have understood my own body, I wouldn’t have become the person I am, neither would I be here today writing this post! My chiropractor is a very fun person to talk with, and all the other people who helped out are amazing people. I can’t imagine them forced to quit and find another job. They all have potential in giving a better life to other people.

I know that the news of Allya is very shocking, and scary. I’d have to admit I got afraid of chiropractic for a moment. But the 3 years going on 4 years of my chiropractic treatment helped my life a lot. Not did it just helped my life, but it helped all the people who worked there. I got to hear their stories, and they got to hear a lot of the patients stories. We weren’t just a boundary of patients, we turned to know each other when we pass by.

For now I can only just hope for the best of all Chiropractics in Indonesia. We all would never plan on hurting, it’s sad to have something like this happen. If every clinic had to close down, I’m glad that I got the chance to experience it. And I’m proud that chiropractic even succeeded to open in Indonesia in the first place, because Music Therapy is still so hard to start here. Whatever happens, I will always remember the times I had to come by to the clinic 3 times a week, walking around the halls of the clinic to show my clicking ankles to the doctor, and the time I first saw my wonky scoliosis back.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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