The Bucket List


Hey Humans!
I’m sure we all have some things that we want, but we just can’t have it yet. Either it’s not the time, not enough money, or you just haven’t found it yet. Well, I have loads of things that I want but I just can’t have them yet, so I keep my list in a bucket (?)

*checking my bucket*

  1. On top of my list is to go to Australia! 11 years ago I lived in Australia, and I haven’t been there ever since. I’d love to go back down memory lane. I’d probably burst into tears when I do. There were just so many great memories…
  2. Travel every island there is in Indonesia! Probably not exactly all because there is a total of 17.508 islands in Indonesia. But I’d love to see many different cultures the Indonesians has to offer. I’ve seen quite a few varieties, and they’re amazing.
  3. Go to the US/UK. I know they’re both so different countries, but going to any one of them would be a great opportunity for me! I just want to know how it feels like out there in a different country.
  4. I’ve never felt snow. Although I don’t like feeling cold, but I’d love to play with snow. They just look nice and white altogether.
  5. Graduate university ASAP!!!! Period.

That’s a few of my bucket lists I hope to achieve… Do you have any bucket lists? Maybe you might want to share and we’ll chat along.

This is my very last post on the 30 day challenge. I can’t believe it has come to an end, and it ended right at the moment I finished all my final exams. Cheers to that! I hope you had fun reading them. If you missed out you can read them all hereI love writing and I’ll still be around for more better blogs!


Cya soon

Syra 🙂

Reason To Live


Hey Humans!

I’m sure we’re put in this world for a reason right? But what reason do you want to take into your life? What do you live for? If I were to answer that, I’d want to make other people happy. But then I’ve come to a thought, when I’ve accomplished that, what does that happy person want to live for?

The list might just go on and on…. maybe that’s because there’s only one answer.. We live for each other. Yep, I think that is what we live for. We were trusted to take care of what was given to to us.

I might be going out of topic because I was only supposed to share what I live for. But to be honest, I really just go through my days and make the best of it. Maybe not always the best of it….. But I try to do something that maybe, can bring a great change to somebody, something positive. Oh, and I really want to make my family proud and strong.

What do you live for? Is it for your family, bring a difference to the world, or something personal for yourself. Share me your stories and maybe we can relate..

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

Blog Goals?


Hey Humans!

Every blogger started blogging for a reason. Whether it started as their passion, share stories, business; at least every blogger hoped there would be a reader. But until how far do you want to go with you blog? What are your goals?

I will share my goals… I started out a blog because I remember loving it. I used to be active on tumblr and it was fun to post random things, other than having to post facebook statuses. Since I started out a youtube channel named “Random Syra”, I really wanted to make the name “Random Syra” into something… Something that I hope maybe someone would be pleased to have found this Random Syra. I want to share a story, make a story,  and listen to a story..

I like keeping my blog as simple and as easy as possible for people to approach, to browse around, and just relate to life. It’s nice to find people who you can relate to, and just talk over the random things. So yeah, my goals is to find people and help each other get through our problems. Together we can unite!

Tell me your story… What is your blog about, and why did you start it in the first place?

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

Exciting Upcoming Projects! (announced)


Hey Humans!

I’ve had some crazy ideas in my head. I love making independent projects just for the sake of self happiness. I’ve done a few now, but I still have a lot up my sleeve. I’ll share what I’ve done, and some exciting up coming projects!


So I have this youtube channel called “Random Syra” just like the name of my blog. And I’ve posted some projects over there. There’s some Travel Video Blogs that I’m so proud of. Another project that was a lot of hard work and I’m very proud of myself, is a project I did collaborating with a whole lot of other Indonesians scattered all around the world. I asked people to sing “Tanah Air”, and they did a great job! Come give my videos some love by visiting my channel.

*checking my sleeve*

Alright, I’ll share a bit of what my sleeve has.

I have been loving doing this 30 day blog challenge. And now I’m proud to announce that I will be doing a lot more serious posts…. By serious, I mean it.. Serious content, with serious pictures and sorts. I am going to be doing a “10 Days New Years Countdown”, starting on the 23rd of December up until the 1st of January. I will be doing posts about a better well-being, beauty, and sorts. The calendar is going to be refreshing, so why not we join in?

Another project I’m very excited about! I will soon have a new series up on my youtube channel. I can’t tell you exactly about what, but this is something really new, and I’m sure it will be amazing. I am collaborating with an amazing musician, Martin. Get ready sometime in December for a new series!

So I guess that’s it… I hope you’re as excited as I am (?) I will be more active once I’m done with my finals starting today! Eeeeeeppp…. *nervous*

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

Favorite Onliners


Hey Humans!

I’ve known the internet world since I was a kid. Back when computers still had the big tube behind, floppy disks were still used, and game boys were so cool and still in black and white using AA batteries. I’ve gone through the phases of using email with a pen pal, into cyber chats for instant communication. It’s crazy to actually see how technology is evolving.

I can basically say my whole life has grown influenced by the media. In this post I don’t exactly want to share what my favorite blogs are, but I just generally want to share what has been my favorite things throughout my years of using the internet.

First is how internet helps you connect to those people you’ve been missing. It’s crazy by just searching the name you’re looking for, it’ll show up. To think of it, it’s kind of creepy yet amazing. I’ve found a lot of my old elementary friends on facebook,  and it’s so weird to see everyone so different.

Second is getting to know a whole lot of new people. There are haters and lovers in this world, but whoever they choose to be we are all connecting. This huge media is a free platform for all of us to connect and share. I’ve found a few great people around here, and as long as you choose carefully, people are actually kind. who knows you might find the best people you’ve known around here.

Third is finding inspirations and information. I’ve found a few lot of inspirations that I’ve already posted (link). But other than these amazing people, I have found a great amount of inspirations for my room, clothes, beauty, and even my own blog from the internet.

Imagine everything in a few years more, how crazier would it be? But there are definitely and equal amount of cons to the pros. Like how anyone can know anyone by just a clock of a button.

What do you think of the internet? What has been your favorite thing about it? Share me your thoughts…

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

The College Experience


Hey Humans!
Back when I was in high school, I used to long for what it feels like to live a university student’s life. Now that I am a university student, I can finally share what it feels like for those who wants to be in university, or is in university, or has gone through university life. Honestly, what I think? What I thought? I just long for holidays now…

University is very fun. It’s much more free than in high school. You get more down time for yourself. But honestly it depends on what you choose to study and the different rules of every campus and majors. But when you really love something you’re studying, you start to realize how exciting it is. And also how you have a lot of friends who have the same excitement as you are, who has the same dreams. But of course there are ups and downs of every schools.

When I just got in I was shocked on the very first day that it turns out I have to go through tri-semester. Which means three semesters a year, less holidays, spend on a lot more money for more semesters, and no I still don’t get to graduate faster! Trust me, I’ve counted and I still graduate as fast as the normal year students. And what bummed me a lot is that I did not agree to this! I didn’t even know. I mean, if I agreed to it in the beginning I’d be alright because I chose it. And since I’m a music student, it just means I have less time to learn my repertoires.

Maybe I’m just exaggerating? I don’t know, I’m trying to get used to it. But I’m also in Music Therapy where I not only study music, I also study Psychology and Techniques. And now I’m soon going to actually start doing music therapy practice. Well, I guess it’s just for the better? I’ll just look at it in the bright way…. This is just a way of us to be prepared of the bigger, crueler world out there when we graduate university.

I’m alright though now.. But sometimes it still hits me of how annoyed I am of the program. Anyways, that’s just me. How about you? Are you going to get into college, or you’re going to college? Share your story, maybe we can relate.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

Bad Habits

Hey Humans!
I’m sure everyone has bad habits…. Right?! Well I have loads of them. There’s this weird thing that I do with my nails. There’s a reason why I never have long nails… I always prick my nails and then, sometimes I prick too low and it’ll hurt so much. Mostly I do it when I’m nervous or when I’m busy thinking. It’s so hard to stop once I start….
Another bad habit of mine that my mom hates so much, is when I overslept with the lights on. When I feel really sleepy but too lazy to brush my teeth, I usually leave the lights off and rest my eyes. Hoping that I would wake up in half an hour, but nope…. Just long enough until my mom wakes up the next day and start lecturing me. Now that I live on my own, I do try my best to brush my teeth and turn off the lights.
Ooooo there’s another that is so annoying and I realize… This time is not about washing hands (although it is a bad habit too that I wash my hands TOO many times!). I like to over-pack! It’s atupid, I know! I like to pack too much hoping that I might need it just in case, but nope.. Honestly, I’ve gotten better now. I have gave myself an intervention on that.
Do you have any similar bad habits? So bugged of it and need to let it off your chest? Come share it with me!
Cya soon,
Syra 🙂

To Be Remembered?

Hey Humans!
We are all put into this beautiful universe for a reason. No matter who we become; a successful businessman, teacher, farmer, rich or poor. We all depend on each other, the world revolves around us. Without one person, this whole world wouldn’t be right. I’m sure whoever we become, we would be a lesson for our next generations. We all have different stories and perspectives in life, it’s ours to share it for other people who needs it.
How would I personally want to be remembered in this world? Hmmm…. I’d probably want to be remembered as the random girl who loves chocolate so much. Nah, just kidding. I do want to be someones inspiration, and be ables to help a lot of people. It’s the small things that makes up of something big. Something like that is what I want to be remembered for.
What do you want to be remembered for in this world? Maybe we can relate?
Cya soon,
Syra 🙂

Stay Fit(ness)


Hey Humans!
I have this thing called scoliosis. For those who don’t know, scoliosis is when a spine is curved to “S” or “C” shape. Sorta like that… There are days where I can have the worse back pains, neck aches, but there are also times where I feel fine. But honestly, it was so rare for me to feel “fine”. I don’t complain though, I’m just used to the pain now. Therefor for me to feel fine, doing regular stretches in the morning helps A LOT! Even my chiropractor was surprised feel no stiffness on my spine.

What I do you may ask? I used to do a little bit of callanetics, so I do a few of those moves and add yoga. The most important thing to me is to stretch out the spine, legs, arms, and neck. Slowly is fine as long as you do it right. Feel the pain, embrace it. Trust me, it feels GREAT afterwards.

My go to yoga that I always do is a video by Psychtruth on youtube. THey have amazing videos, check them out!

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

The Joy

Hey Humans!
So what brings me joy? Good chocolate brings me so much joy. I love eating chocolate, I bake almost everythig with chocolate. I need to exercise more often now…
This time of the year is so much joy. It’s almost christmas for those who celebrate, and it’s almost new years, and when new years is coming my birthday is also coming up! It’s the time for getting ready for holidays and lots of free time to think about life. I find December very joyful.
Other things that brings me joy when I’m stressed is good food, nice scented candles, great music, and my favorite TV series. I don’t care even when I’m on the busiest days, I’ll do whatever to cheer myself up.
What brigs you to joy? Maybe you can share it here and we might have something in common.
Cya soon,
Syra 🙂