It’s A Birthday Thing

Hey Humans!

So last September was a birthday month for me. Not that it’s my birthday, but there were 3 birthdays of my close friends and my mom and dad’s 25th wedding anniversary! It was such a festive month of presents. Then one day I got so bored and wanted to re-decorate my wall, and it turned out something like a birthday decoration. And another funny thing is I like wrapping presents with something other than wrapping paper with printed images. So….. I bought crepe paper. I was looking for the color blue, because my friend likes blue. I couldn’t find a blue crepe paper, so…. I bought yellow, which is my favorite color! Hahahhaha. I was like “at least if they don’t like the color, I do”. I know, I’m weird..

This post is going to turn up into an ‘idea’ post. You might find an idea for a birthday party, or wrapping gifts, or even gift ideas! Okay, without further ado… What are gift ideas for a friend? Boyfriend? Mom and dad? How should I wrap it?


First is a gift I and my friend gave to my best friend. She loves make up so much, and I couldn’t keep track of her make up collection. Instead of giving her more make ups, we bought her a beauty book. Which she has been wanting the imported beauty books. I wrapped it in a crepe yellow paper. I did not use any sticky tape because I wanted to have a sleek elegant finished wrapping. So I used glue to stick ’em together. Tied it up with a ribbon, and I actually made a bow out of crepe paper.

page3Second is a gift I bought my boyfriend. I got him a custom guitar pick with his signature which is also printed on his custom guitar. So I thought it was cool to steal his guitar signature and got it custom-ed on a guitar pick. You can’t actually use it, but it could be nice as a necklace pendant. Things like these I think is really nice, a lot of thought put into, and it’s not that expensive either. I got it wrapped with the left yellow crepe paper I had, tied it with a ribbon, and this time I didn’t make a bow, obviously because the box was too small for a bow. So I made small flowers out of (again) crepe paper. I’m so obsessed with crepe paper. You get a lot with a small amount of money!

Last is what did I give to my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary? It was a very sentimental gift. I worked hard on thinking of ideas. I made them a video of me and my brother’s childhood. My dad used to film on a tape handy-cam back in the day, so I figured to collect them and combine them. Then I put in photos in chronological order until now. I put in on how we’ve all grown and all of our achievements. It got me in so much tears on the whole editing process. I even got my brother to record a message through video because he lives overseas. So even without wasting any money, you can still give a great gift!

pageOh, and this is what my wall looks like! I thought it would be funny, I’ll be re-decorating it again soon.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂