Hey Humans!

SONY DSCWelcome to my blog. Since you chose to read ‘about’, well you’ve guessed it! It’s ‘about’ my blog… or me. This blog is created by me for my random thoughts and creations. As you’ve seen my name’s Syra, I’m a very energetic (well I mean look at that photo, it took me like 40 jumps to get a ‘good’ jump shot) and random person. So call me Random Syra, and I’m here to upload random stuff. I love making videos, photography, and music! I’m also currently a university student studying music therapy. My blogs would mostly be about my surroundings, life, or perspectives. But I will show you the beauty of life, through the better or worse. Oh, I live in Indonesia. Don’t know where that is? Search it up!

Cya soon, Syra 🙂