Bad Habits

Hey Humans!
I’m sure everyone has bad habits…. Right?! Well I have loads of them. There’s this weird thing that I do with my nails. There’s a reason why I never have long nails… I always prick my nails and then, sometimes I prick too low and it’ll hurt so much. Mostly I do it when I’m nervous or when I’m busy thinking. It’s so hard to stop once I start….
Another bad habit of mine that my mom hates so much, is when I overslept with the lights on. When I feel really sleepy but too lazy to brush my teeth, I usually leave the lights off and rest my eyes. Hoping that I would wake up in half an hour, but nope…. Just long enough until my mom wakes up the next day and start lecturing me. Now that I live on my own, I do try my best to brush my teeth and turn off the lights.
Ooooo there’s another that is so annoying and I realize… This time is not about washing hands (although it is a bad habit too that I wash my hands TOO many times!). I like to over-pack! It’s atupid, I know! I like to pack too much hoping that I might need it just in case, but nope.. Honestly, I’ve gotten better now. I have gave myself an intervention on that.
Do you have any similar bad habits? So bugged of it and need to let it off your chest? Come share it with me!
Cya soon,
Syra 🙂