The Joy

Hey Humans!
So what brings me joy? Good chocolate brings me so much joy. I love eating chocolate, I bake almost everythig with chocolate. I need to exercise more often now…
This time of the year is so much joy. It’s almost christmas for those who celebrate, and it’s almost new years, and when new years is coming my birthday is also coming up! It’s the time for getting ready for holidays and lots of free time to think about life. I find December very joyful.
Other things that brings me joy when I’m stressed is good food, nice scented candles, great music, and my favorite TV series. I don’t care even when I’m on the busiest days, I’ll do whatever to cheer myself up.
What brigs you to joy? Maybe you can share it here and we might have something in common.
Cya soon,
Syra 🙂