Blog Goals?


Hey Humans!

Every blogger started blogging for a reason. Whether it started as their passion, share stories, business; at least every blogger hoped there would be a reader. But until how far do you want to go with you blog? What are your goals?

I will share my goals… I started out a blog because I remember loving it. I used to be active on tumblr and it was fun to post random things, other than having to post facebook statuses. Since I started out a youtube channel named “Random Syra”, I really wanted to make the name “Random Syra” into something… Something that I hope maybe someone would be pleased to have found this Random Syra. I want to share a story, make a story,  and listen to a story..

I like keeping my blog as simple and as easy as possible for people to approach, to browse around, and just relate to life. It’s nice to find people who you can relate to, and just talk over the random things. So yeah, my goals is to find people and help each other get through our problems. Together we can unite!

Tell me your story… What is your blog about, and why did you start it in the first place?

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

The Grateful Adventure

Hey Humans,

Just a few days ago I got myself on a train in Indonesia. I happen to go on at a rush hour. I have set my shoes on various situations, from the most comfortable to the worst. This may not be the ‘worst’ but this sure as hell ain’t comfortable either. FYI, I am writing this to share my experience, I am not here to exaggerate an event.

JpegFirst of all, I have never loved much of Indonesia’s transportation. It takes time to really understand where you’re going, and most of all they don’t maintain their transportation’s. Second, the amount of people is not equal to how much transportation available. Third, Indonesian citizens needs to learn to be patient and wait in line. I went on a train with hundreds of other people. At every station more and more people would come in but only a few people went out. It got to the point where I couldn’t even stand straight, my foot weren’t even supporting me. And it also got to the point where I couldn’t take more photos of the condition (haha very funny).

JpegBut why do I love having to experience this even though it’s so uncomfortable? Having a mind like mine, turning perspectives around lets me to realize a lot. I didn’t get mad, in fact I smile to people in the train (not that I’m some psychopath). I got to see various events and people. I saw a man in his working clothes, he’s a mechanic in a break shop. I’d have to be honest, he has a very sour scent of smell. But it got me thinking, he could’ve been working from morning to afternoon for the love of his family. Thinking that he might have a family back at home waiting for him to come home, and just welcome him for who he is not for his scent.

JpegThere was also a mother and her child near me. No one gave her a seat, and it was a very crowded train. The mother held on tight for her daughter. That right there is true love, love from a mother to daughter.

There was also a really nice guy, a very young gentleman. I saw a great personality in him when he showed respect to women. When a seat was empty he would show and let other women take the seat. When it was his stop he would say bye to his friend, but I could hear the friendly voice of his. Like he has no problem with the situations he has to go through, like maybe he has to get on this train everyday from work or school.

But one I will never forget is how people connect to each other. We didn’t want to fall down or squish into other people. But we knew we had no other choice but to be patient. A few would smile to each other, or laugh at how ridiculous this all is. But that’s life! We can’t stay mad at these situations, even though I know I HATE it. If you can’t change it, at least try to change your perspective. Think of it as something positive. I know that I learned to never underestimate something or someone. And we are not the only humans, so don’t think like you’re the center of the universe. Oh and don’t ever forget, if you were born in a fortunate family or you worked your butt off to be on top, you can never be on top without the people below supporting you! So be grateful for the smallest things in life, and every human beings.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

Music? I have no interest.

Hey Humans!

The sun set between the buildings around me. It has been a cold windy day. As the sun set, the moon shown itself covered by the clouds. I couldn’t see the moon clearly, but it shined bright through the clouds. I was sure it was a full moon.

I came home from university after a long day of music classes. It wasn’t a burden for me, because I purely love music. Every time I get back to my dorm I would turn on my computer and stereo, what do I do? I turn on some music. I’m a lover of almost all genre there is, I have no specific favorites. But this evening was different, I had no interest in music. Not even the music I listen to all the time, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran or ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars. I knew it wasn’t normal, but I didn’t care.

Once I got in my dorm room, I put down my violin case and took a shower. After shower I got on my computer and opened up the web browser. The first thing I usually do is open the video streaming website, but I didn’t, in fact it made me mad. What I did then was playing online games. The games were fun. But the thing was I hated the sound and music, I played in mute. My life became a bore, the vibration of music did not interest me anymore.


That was a weird random story… That would be me if the full moon changed me into a whole new person who hated music. Music has always been a part of my life, and has always been there for me. I would never live without it. Music is like the salt to my french fries, the ingredient that completes the taste, my life.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Full Moon.”

Cya Soon,

Syra 🙂