The College Experience


Hey Humans!
Back when I was in high school, I used to long for what it feels like to live a university student’s life. Now that I am a university student, I can finally share what it feels like for those who wants to be in university, or is in university, or has gone through university life. Honestly, what I think? What I thought? I just long for holidays now…

University is very fun. It’s much more free than in high school. You get more down time for yourself. But honestly it depends on what you choose to study and the different rules of every campus and majors. But when you really love something you’re studying, you start to realize how exciting it is. And also how you have a lot of friends who have the same excitement as you are, who has the same dreams. But of course there are ups and downs of every schools.

When I just got in I was shocked on the very first day that it turns out I have to go through tri-semester. Which means three semesters a year, less holidays, spend on a lot more money for more semesters, and no I still don’t get to graduate faster! Trust me, I’ve counted and I still graduate as fast as the normal year students. And what bummed me a lot is that I did not agree to this! I didn’t even know. I mean, if I agreed to it in the beginning I’d be alright because I chose it. And since I’m a music student, it just means I have less time to learn my repertoires.

Maybe I’m just exaggerating? I don’t know, I’m trying to get used to it. But I’m also in Music Therapy where I not only study music, I also study Psychology and Techniques. And now I’m soon going to actually start doing music therapy practice. Well, I guess it’s just for the better? I’ll just look at it in the bright way…. This is just a way of us to be prepared of the bigger, crueler world out there when we graduate university.

I’m alright though now.. But sometimes it still hits me of how annoyed I am of the program. Anyways, that’s just me. How about you? Are you going to get into college, or you’re going to college? Share your story, maybe we can relate.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂