Would You Rather?


Hey Humans!

I want to try something fun here… I’m going to try out some ‘Would You Rather’ Questions I found (link).

  1. Would you rather (A) live one life that lasts 1,000 years or (B) live 10 lives that last 100 years each? If I’m reading the question correctly.. Then I choose (B). Let’s say having 10 lives that lasts 100 years each means altogether I have 1000 years. If I survive every lives, I get the same number of years as I would in (A). But (A) only has 1 life, that means if anything happens then it’s not worth the 1000 years.  

  2. Would you rather (A) use eye drops made of vinegar or (B) toilet paper made from sandpaper? (B), because if I had vinegar as eye drops I would have no vision for quite some time. Sand paper as toilet paper would feel like burn in the bum, but at least I can use it gently and it wouldn’t even feel like sandpaper…. *ouch* 

  3. Would you rather (A) be without elbows or (B) be without knees? (B). If my legs had no knees I’d still survive walking without knees, but I need the flexibility of my arms with elbows for the daily needs of my life. Ex: Try touching your hair without bending your elbows (straight arm). 

  4. Would you rather (A) experience a sharp pain in your side each time someone says your name or (B) have a bell sound each time you are aroused? (B). Well I might as well need some motivation to wake up. Let a bell ring, then I’ll be on-time to seize the day. Only except if I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, and then the bell rings and I can’t get back to sleep again…. hmm. I might choose (A) on this one then. So I’ll be alarmed when someone calls my name, or I might just get mad at them for calling my name hahahha. But, I’ll go with (A) this time. 

  5. Would you rather (A) have a large 10 inch long belly button that swayed to music or (B) have accordions for legs? Umm duh! Definitely (B), it’ll be awesome to have accordion legs! Imagine all the things I could do with them. Although it is quite freaky, but I won’t be bumping into anyone like if I had a 10 inch long belly button.

  6. Would you rather (A) have to sneeze but not be able to or (B) have something stuck in your eye for an entire year? (A)! Yes (A). I’m sure I’ll be more ready for (A) than for (B). I hate it when something is bugging my eye, it makes me mad. Not being able to sneeze is also annoying, but I think it’s better than (B).

  7. Would you rather (A) have a dragon or (B) be a dragon? Ooo tough one. I think (A). Imagine a life having a dragon! I’ll be like hiccup in “How To Train Your Dragon”. I can fly around other countries with my dragon. I still want to be human, so I won’t choose (B).

  8. Would you rather (A) secretly have sex with a goat or (B) have everyone think you had sex with a goat even though you didn’t? (B) No comment.

  9. Would you rather (A) have hair nowhere on your body or (B) be very hairy all over and not be able to shave? I love this question! Quite hilarious. I’ll go with (A). It depends on how much hair (B) meant. But I was thinking like having a fury body like an animal. If I had no hair at all, then I can choose wigs and create some style. 

  10. Would you rather (A) never be able to speak again or (B) always have to say everything that is on your mind? (A)! I say a lot in my head. I’m a quite person anyways (not always though). But If I couldn’t speak, I could learn sign language or have a computerized voice with a program.

  11. Would you rather (A) be able to read or (B) be able to read minds (but be illiterate)? (A). This was really tough for me to choose. Because I think it’ll be awesome to read minds, but it is such a bust to give up reading and writing just to read minds. I mean, I could learn about reading minds if I could read and write. So, what the heck.

  12. Would you rather (A) be able to speak fluently every language in the world or (B) be the best in the world at something of your choosing? (B). I’ve learned that we have to be consistent in our life. Speaking fluent in every language would be fun, but then what?

  13. Would you rather (A) be in prison for five years in solitary confinement or (B) not ever go to prison and not ever become rich? (B). I’d rather spend those 5 years to be with the people I love, doing what I love and just be happy with life even if I don’t get much rewards.

  14. Would you rather (A) wear a snow suit in the desert or (B) be naked in Antarctica? Then I’d be cold in either what I choose? Definitely (A) then! I hate being cold, if I am to be cold I’d rather do it at some place hot. So give me that snow suit!

  15. Would you rather (A) change the past or (B) be able to see into the future? (B) The past is the past, just let things roll as they’re supposed to be. If I can see into the future, at least I’ll learn something and maybe make the best of it

It was fun to answer these questions. I hope you had fun reading it too.

Cya soon,

Syra 🙂

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